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We provide VVIP Developer Discounts for our Twin Peaks buyers who submit an interest during the presentation in the show flat. During your booking day visit, our developer will give you an Amazing Pricing. 

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oue twin peaks

(All information given above is indicative. Unit dimensions are subject to change without notice, and based on estimation. Contact us at 9867-1688 for the actual price, which may be above or below the indicative price mentioned above)

OUE Twin Peaks – Deferred Payment Schemes

For the plan to launch Tower 1, OUE gives two versions of Deferred Payment Schemes:

– In the first version of DPS, the buyers have to pay 20% now (including a 10% booking fee and another 10% 2 weeks later, then when receiving vacant possession of their unit, they can pay a further $1,000. They can pay the rest of purchase unit 2 years later, after the option exercise date. Thus, buyers can move into or rent out their unit immediately.

– For the second, buyers just put down 20% now and pay the balance 80% with any taxes applicable within 2 or 3 years, starting from December 30. However, the developer will withhold the title deed until payment is made. It makes sense that the discount offered only around 12%. Deferring the date of exercising means that buyers can defer the date of obtaining vacant possession until December 30 and the buyer cannot rent out or move into their unit until then.

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oue twin peaks oue twin peaks